Backlink Surf

Backlink Surf is part of Fast Speed Backlinks Method as separate method mentioned before in latest post from SGM Method.

Indexing Links is Mother of SEO, and most important factor when we talk about SEO regardless is WhiteHat, BlackHat or GreyHat.

This turn down so far knowledge the meaning of the words “Content is King”.

Short insights as a case study to get the main key point:


As shown in the central image premise is to keep your backlinks olive-green colour against red colour which indicates that backlink is deleted.

This not necessary means that is “physical removed” is there but stop to be crawled, is spammed there are more options you must keep in mind if you decide to get the in life again that backlink.

-you must cheek if the backlink is spammy (OBL more than 100)

-you must find out what kind of SEO juice impact will have.

-does the ROI will be worth for the work.

If pass both premises then you must put some live links(blog posts, social bookmarks and so on) to have the SEO flow from that backlink.

This is if you aim and you have Expert experience in this field.If not according “Natural Way of SEO” which is established by SGM Team you must leave it.

Ok, hope you understand so far let’s continue.


This is from our latest work on our web 2.0 which later we will show you how far we get in our job.

The central question is: What is important when you work SEO?

To solve this, we must find out what are most important factors which will increase your SEO score or possibility your website to rank higher whatever will be that, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, etc.

There are a lot of metrics show up before few years when Google Page Rank was terminated.

Is Google Page Rank Dead?

According to Google Ranking Factors which must be 200 for now but no one can confirm the exact number and confusing answers with establishing some so called SEO gurus as Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Mathew Woodward in their Blogs of sites, lead us to as our self that there is something wrong.

Google itself is not ranking although has the perfect profile with Page Rank and other metrics.

It’s Google itself for good sake.


Ok, we for 100% sure knows that websites rank on Google for particular keywords and those sites which rank on page one in first 3 places get organic traffic.

This means Google Page Rank is alive and still is rolling out but that metrics can not be measure.

We quote

As Larry said long ago, we want to give you back “exactly what you want.” When Google was founded, one key innovation was PageRank, a technology that determined the “importance” of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data. Today we use more than 200 signals, including PageRank, to order websites, and we update these algorithms on a weekly basis. For example, we offer personalized search results based on your web history and location.

Url should be this but showing error.!!!!

Look this evidence also


As you can see this is the official Blog of Google and not showing results.

This lead us to a final conclusion that Google Page Ranks is live and “must use all we got” where to step up Backlink Surf Method to get a great result on your Google Rankings.


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