Backlink Brick Building

Many of you will ask yourself what the heck from where appear this terms”Backlink Surf“,”Backlink Brick Building” and other you will see on the website.

Many of you have heard about Backlink Building with mentioning terms as Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Also about Backlink Wheels, Backlink Pyramids and Backlink Rings.

Yes, this is old SEO concept and in the 2017 year will not work anymore and in future.

Many of the many members of High Authority Forums use the term “Think out of the Box”.

Therefore we must change our way of thinking, according behave and according to some gudelance given from Third parties authorities that tell us that you must be carefull about this and that How to achieve to rank your website higher.

One is for sure when we will talk about ranking factors that Quality Content is still the main Factor and is essential visitors to read your content on your website. 

But that “Content” to expose to a wider audience you need Link Building this means you must distribute online to be read or “push someone” to get to your website to be read.The online world is Big enough.

For that in incoming posts, we will define and show you how Backlink Brick Building work with case studies.


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